Topic Modeling on Bukowski's Poems

Posted on Fri 16 September 2016 in data science • Tagged with python, nlp, topic-modeling, bukowskiLeave a comment

On the first post about Bukowski's poems we explored the top words and their polarity. From inspection these groups seemed to be associated to 4 main topics, which also happen to be mentioned on the writter's legacy website. It would be interesting to see if these same topics show up when applicating a generative statistical modeling, such as the Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA). To do this and visualize the results I'll use the pyLDAvis and scikit-learn packages.

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Bukowski's Poems Sentiment Analysis

Posted on Thu 25 August 2016 in data science • Tagged with python, nlp, word2vec, bukowskiLeave a comment

As a byproduct of the neural network project that attempts to write a Bukowski poem, I ended up with this pickle file with a large sample of its poems (1363). I'll use the data to perform basic sentiment analysis on the writings, and see what insights can be extracted from them.

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